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Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Bright Starry Night


We have received items from several new series including Wonder Story Comes in the Rose Blooming Night and Sister Maria’s Hummingbirds, as well as many new blouses and hair accessories. ♥

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Had the craving for something sweet today.

JSK - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Cutsew - Handmade by me

Socks - Lindex

Shoes - AnTaiNa

Apron - Baby The Stars Shine Brght

Bag - Angelic Pretty

Blouse - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Petticoat - Angelic Pretty


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holy shit

I read somewhere that sirens/mermaids sang songs that they heard from sailors on passing ships. I imagine this is what a modern siren would sound like singing this song.


Alice and the Pirates’s newest series: Le Petit Chaperon Rouge ~Maiden of the Black Forest~
Reservations available on August 27th at 17:00 JST

My latest Project… well, one o them…

Finally, it is here. The new tutorial on how to make cute wristcuffs. I’m sorryit took such time and that I have been so busy to not make something bigger.Better luck next time, I suppose. Oh, well, thank you ad Wellcome to all my new followers and don’t forget as we reach 400 followers there will be a new one again. Thank you everyone and lots of love to all of you.


I found these pages I scanned from a kera magazine.
They’re crooked, and I have a better scanner now, but unfortunately I do not have this magazine anymore.


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Kumakumya’s Royal Kingdom

Oh my.

I know I’m very late with my new tutorial, that will be a short and easy one since I can’t really get time to stretch out enough as it is now, so I though that I’d tell you what I have been up to lately.

Its Always some kind  Project and after beeing volunteer at a home for homeless cats, this was ”project” nr 2. There is a huge forest-fire raging trough the Swedish woods right now, and it is making alot of people to be forced to abandon their homes. A cry out for help on the radio for food and water for these people made me decide that I was going to help them as well as I could, since I was Close to the fire already. As we drove from Stockholm to Västrås, it was as if we drove into wall of smoke. The smell wasn’t that great but, I knew it was Nothing compared to those who was even closer to the fire. So I forced my mom, kind of, to drive me to the nearest grocery-shop where we could buy alot of water and then give to the kind people that collected and deliver it to the crisis-centers that gives them to the victims and alsto the people that fight the fire. I know that it looks so little in the waggon in the second picture, but when I came there, a whole truck had already left, full with food and water.

Today, a day after the cry for food and water Went out on the radio, a new message came out that they didn’t need anything more. So many people and companies that helped that they didn’t even have any room left to store it all. I feel so much hope for humanity right now. <3


Disney x Alice and the Pirate’s Maleficent Collection



くまくみゃのRoyal Kingdom柄ジャンパースカートⅠfrom Baby the Stars Shine Bright

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